Taxpayers Coalition Warning: 34% Tax Hike Coming!


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is warning Toronto City Council is on track to increase property taxes by 34% next year if no changes are made to current city services.

Last week a record number of Toronto residents spoke out against reducing or changing service delivery at the executive committee meeting. None of the speakers talked about the consequences of that advice.

“It’s a ticking tax time bomb”, warned Coalition President Matthew McGuire in front of City Hall on Sunday morning. “Homeowners will see their tax bill go up by more than one third, and renters would get monster size rent increases close to 10%.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has been pushing Councillors to find efficiencies by looking at contracting out services, trimming staff levels, and eliminating the Fair Wage Policy.

“A 34% tax increase will be the repercussion of inaction by City Council,” McGuire added, “The silent majority expect city council to carry out their mandate for change from the David Miller years.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded in 2010 that advocates for lower taxes and accountable government in Toronto.


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