Taxpayers Group says Big Union Bosses Supporting Chow is “Bad News for Taxpayers”


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says OFL boss Sid Ryan’s recent boast about using his union’s resources to help elect Olivia Chow should be setting off alarm bells for Toronto taxpayers.

“In a media interview, Ryan claimed his anti-Hudak `war room’ would now be re-purposed to help Chow,” said Matthew McGuire, spokesperson with Taxpayers Coalition. “If that’s true it would take union activity in municipal elections to a whole new level and make Chow beholden to union bosses should she win the mayor’s race. That’s bad news for taxpayers”.

McGuire said Ryan clearly sees Chow as a mayor who will continue on with former Toronto Mayor David Miller’s ruinous fiscal legacy and as a mayor who will put the interests of public sector unions ahead of the interests of taxpayers.

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