Taxpayers Voting Guide Unveiled


This morning, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is unveiling the first part of its Taxpayers Voting Guide; an analysis of mayoral survey responses. The surveys were submitted to the major mayoral candidates on July 8th., on the anniversary of a flood that caused significant flooding and cost $65 million to clean up from.

The survey opened by asking candidates about their plans to deal with future weather-related events. Subsequent questions asked about labour relations, rates of taxation, transit planning, the size of council, and other issues that are important to the coalition’s membership. Many of the questions are related to current and past campaigns spearheaded by Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

The coalition thinks some of the answers provided by mayoral candidates might be surprising.

“With hundreds of candidates across Toronto registered for election as mayor, councillor, and trustee, we’re providing a tool for voters and a platform for candidates,” said coalition President Matthew McGuire. “Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap to help voters make informed decisions at the ballot box on October 27th.”

The Voting Guide features an analysis of the race and a summary of each candidates’ answers. Full survey responses are also included.

“We’re very happy with the result of this initiative,” added Andrea Micieli, who co-managed the project with Nita Kang.  “The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive.”

The mayoral survey analysis is the first section of the Taxpayers Voting Guide to be rolled out. Similar analysis for council and trustee candidates will be released at a later date.

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