TDSB bureaucrats fired for spending spree that included $150 pencil sharpener


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition was pleased to hear that Toronto District School Board officials who overcharged taxpayers for maintenance projects have been fired and that the overall budget will be cut by several million dollars, but remain concerned that the culture of overspending will continue.

“Punishing these money-wasters and reducing the size of the budget is a good example to set for our children,” said Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “However, the TDSB continues to act after the fact when it comes to wasteful spending.”

In addition to the infamous $150 pencil sharpener, officials spent upwards of $70,000 to repaint one school and spent almost $4000 to change clocks for daylight savings time. The expenses were found in work order documents obtained by CTV News.

The board had restructured itself in 2012 after similar allegations of overspending, but evidently some TDSB members still haven’t realized that the party is over.

“These abuses are taking place because the TDSB relies on unionized employees instead of school caretakers,” McGuire continued. “Unions can only do addition, like when they add travel costs for the employee to the bill for installing a pencil sharpener.”

“We believe that union interests should be subtracted from the TDSB’s budgetary considerations.”

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