Toronto Taxpayer Coalition Applauds City Council For Repealing The Car Tax


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is applauding City Council’s decision to repeal Toronto’s Car Tax effective January 1st, 2011.

“Over the next five years, car owners will save $300 now that this unfair tax has been repealed. But this is a victory for ALL Toronto residents,” said Matthew McGuire, President of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. “The repeal of the car tax is a symbol of the dramatic change in the way city council views taxation. It bodes well for future decision” added McGuire.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition will be looking at ways to enhance accountability and put pressure on the new administration to hold the line on spending and provide further tax relief.

Coalition members who watched the debate from the gallery were elated at the outcome of the vote, which is recorded as 39-6.

“The high tax burden on residents played a major part of the recent municipal election. In their first opportunity to do so, voters issued a strong message to council regarding the Car Tax,” McGuire added. “We’re satisfied that the majority of councillors got this message.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded earlier this year that advocates for lower taxes and accountable government in Toronto.


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