Toronto Taxpayers Coalition: Contract Out Garbage Pickup


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is calling on Toronto City council to contract out the collection of household waste as part of the 2011 budget process. The Coalition will be making a presentation at tonight’s budget consultation meeting being held at the North York Civic Centre.

“The 2009 garbage strike was offensive to the nose, and now taxpayers are paying through the nose,” said Matthew McGuire, President of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. “The proposed 3% garbage fee increase is too much to stomach.”

Currently, only garbage collection in Etobicoke is contracted out, representing 15% of Toronto’s waste collection budget. A recent study by the C.D. Howe Institute found that Torontonians could save $49 million annually by contracting out garbage collection.

“It’s absolutely the right thing to do. Let’s introduce some managed competition for garbage collection in Toronto,” McGuire added.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded in 2010 that advocates for lower taxes and more accountable government in Toronto.


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