Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Issues 2012 City Council Report Cards


City Council gets a C-; Mayor Ford awarded a B

There may be uncertainty surrounding some Ontario report cards, but these ones are delivered on time and well thought-out.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has been monitoring city council for the past 12 months and has graded the mayor and each member of council. This year, Councillor Cesar Palacio (Ward 17 Davenport) is the highest achiever.

“This report card is the taxpayer’s measure of how their city council is performing,” stated coalition president Matthew McGuire. “Some people are being very well served by their councillor and we think it’s important for the public to be aware of that fact.”
There are likely to be some surprises among the report cards, as some left-wing and right-wing councillors have received marks that will raise some eyebrows.

A variety of criteria was considered for grades, but a handful of votes were looked at very closely in determining the grades:

  • Transit votes on Sheppard and Eglinton
  • Reopening the ill-conceived bag ban
  • A Small reduction in the library budget; and
  • A token fee at swim pools

“Councillors earning high marks have a lot to be proud of – these marks are well deserved. That said, councillors who earned low marks are also very deserving of their grades,” McGuire added. The report cards are published online at


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