Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Launches Petition On Garbage Privatization


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is encouraging the public to sign their petition calling for private garbage collection in Toronto. Having listened to the Mayor’s announcement earlier today describing his plans to take steps toward private collection, the Coalition is calling on the public to make their support known.

“Introducing managed competition will do wonders for reducing the burden on taxpayers,” said Coalition President Matthew McGuire. “We think there are savings to be had, and taxpayers deserve to have the debate and realize the savings.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is buoyed by the hundreds of signatures collected since the petition went online a week ago, noting that support is coming from every corner of the city. “We need many more signatures to convince council as a whole that private garbage collection is the right thing to do.”

The petition can be found at

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded in 2010 that advocates for lower taxes and more accountable government in Toronto.


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