Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Rallies Opposition To Tory’s Trash Tax: Councillors Get An Earful, Tory’s Fiscal Cred in Tatters


Mayor John Tory and council’s left had a tougher time than expected getting a 58% increase in garbage bin fees approved by council thanks to a sustained campaign from the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

“John Tory managed to hike taxes to pay for his budget today, but he spent whatever credibility he had as a fiscal conservative,” said Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition took the lead on the solid waste file, actively promoting our campaign on social media and urging our members to email their councillors to vote against Tory’s scheme to remove a rebate on the new garbage bins; playfully nicknamed “Tory’s Trash Tax”.

“Our members received quick replies from their councillors, which shows that the men and women Torontonians sent to City Hall to represent their views were paying close attention to what was being said,” McGuire pointed out.

While Tory’s Trash Tax passed the vote today, 10 councillors voted against it and Tory was forced to agree to look at freezing solid waste rates for 2016.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition will continue monitoring City Council and public opinion for reaction to Tory’s Trash Tax.

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