Toronto Taxpayers Coalition To Make Deputation To Scrap Fair Wage Policy


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition will be making a deputation to Toronto’s Executive Committee urging council to scrap Toronto’s fair wage policy in effort to overcome a $774M budget shortfall for next year. Under this policy, the City of Toronto is limited in only awarding contracts to companies that can pay an artificially high minimum wage for specific jobs.

“The fair wage policy is the most unfair policy for taxpayers that Toronto has,” stated Coalition President Matthew McGuire.

Over the past two weeks, Council has received a series of reports detailing cost-savings measures and efficiencies to help climb out of the financial hole we’re in. The Coalition wants to make sure that Council doesn’t overlook some of the biggest opportunities for savings.

“Taxpayers expect government to lower the tax burden and find efficiencies. We believe ‘fair wages’ should be defined by market forces,” added McGuire. “The fair wage policy increases labour costs, dramatically reduces competition, and distorts the labour market.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded in 2010 that advocates for lower taxes and accountable government in Toronto.


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