Toronto Taxpayers Coalition To Take City To Ontario Municipal Board


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is preparing to take the City of Toronto Councillors to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) over Council’s refusal to adopt a city ward boundaries by-law yesterday’s council meeting.

“We will appeal and we will prevail” announced Matthew McGuire spokesperson for the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition petitioned council for new ward boundaries under a little-known regulation of the City of Toronto Act. Under S.129 of the City of Toronto Act (COTA), any of the petitioners may pursue the issue at the OMB if City Council fails to adopt the request within 90 days of the petition being submitted.

“We were stopped by a cabal of Councillors who seem to perpetuate imbalanced wards for another four years. Taxpayers deserve better.”

Calling council’s decision “disappointing but not surprising,” coalition spokesman Matthew McGuire said the group made a decision last night during a meeting of the coalition’s leadership team and with consultation of the advisory board, which charted out the next steps.

“We believe city lawyers have given City Council bad advice,” McGuire said. “We believe the OMB will support the residents who signed our petition.”

McGuire also pointed out that seven Councillors didn’t even show up to vote on a bylaw that potentially has a significant effect on residents and taxpayers.

The coalition has started fundraising ahead of the OMB fight and will continue to collect signatures on an e-petition to show this initiative has widespread support among Toronto residents. Residents can make a donation or sign the petition at


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