Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Urges City Councillors To PUT BRAKES ON THE CAR TAX


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is today calling on all newly elected City Councillors to support Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s initiative to cancel Toronto’s Personal Vehicle Tax at the next council meeting scheduled for this Thursday.

Coalition President Matthew McGuire says “Toronto residents are fed up with this unfair tax and deserve a break”. He is asking that council make the decision unanimous and recognize that it was a big mistake in the first place.

Citing the unfairness of having only residents pay the tax while fleet operators, car rental companies, and owners of commercial vehicles avoid it, McGuire added “Why should a grandmother have to pay $300 over the next five years while a large fleet operator like Budget Rent A Car pays zero. Grandma has one car on the road while the car rental companies have thousands and pay nothing. Does that sound fair and equitable to you?”

McGuire will be writing to each and every Councillor on behalf of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition asking them to support the executive committee’s recommendation to put the brakes on the Toronto Car tax.

We will encourage all of our members to call their City Councillor to urge them to “axe the tax”.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded earlier this year. Matthew McGuire is the founder and President.


Contact: Matthew McGuire

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