Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Wants To


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition will join a powerful coalition announcing the launch of Monday morning at City Hall.

Earlier this year, an amendment to a motion meant that a vote to eliminate the bag fee was also a vote to ban bags altogether. The unprecedented move to ban a common household item with no prior consultations has put the city on shaky legal ground, with several organizations planning legal action to stop the ban from coming into effect on January 1st, 2013.

“The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition feels the decision to outlaw plastic bags – a recyclable product that is useful for pet waste, organic waste, and as bin liners – was irresponsible and should not move forward,” said managing director Nita Kang. “This reckless decision by City Council increases the cost of living to residents of this city, hitting the lowest income earners the hardest.”

Last month, city solicitor Anna Kinastowski gave city council a legal opinion that the city has left itself open to a legal challenge it will most certainly lose. Despite this, council voted against reopening the debate at October’s council meeting. A successful lawsuit against the city would ultimately leave taxpayers footing the legal bill.

“The reckless way City Council moved forward with the bag ban shows they are reactionaries at a time when this city needs visionaries,” added Kang.


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