Trustee Tampering Demonstrates Need For Coalition’s Accountability Pledge

A day after fourteen trustee candidates signed a pledge of accountability, a report from The Star shows freedom of information officer Maria Mavroyannis has accused TDSB trustees of tampering with the freedom of information (FOI) process.

According to the report, Mavroyannis expressed concern “given evident trustee tampering” that the credibility of the FOI process may have been compromised by attempts to alter files, obfuscate, and otherwise interfere with the FOI process.

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition argues this information demonstrates the importance of their accountability pledge.

“The FOI process is important for accountability and as an anti-corruption tool,” coalition president Matthew McGuire said. “The FOI process enhances the legitimacy of democratically elected governments.”

“It’s upsetting to learn that unnamed elected officials on our school boards have tampered with the accountability tools in place to protect the public.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition’s accountability pledge reads as follows:

“I pledge to increase accountability at the board, to improve the financial analysis of repairs and maintenance, and ensure precious resources are spent to better the education of our children.”

You can view the candidates signing the accountability pledge here.

McGuire says this revelation should give all voters pause to consider questions for their candidates on their support of independent tools designed to enhance accountability.

This pledge was signed by the following candidates:

  • Ken Lister (ward 17 Don Valley East, Public)
  • Robert R. Pella (ward 1 Etobicoke, Catholic)
  • Richard Klagsbrun (ward 10 Trinity – Spadina, Public)
  • Angela Kennedy (ward 11 East York/Toronto, Catholic)
  • Glenn Webster (ward 4 North York, Catholic)
  • Christmas Sy (ward 11 East York/Toronto, Catholic)
  • Jeevitha Deborah Lieberman (ward 21 Scarborough-Rouge River, Public)
  • Robert Marshall (ward 22 Scarborough East, Public)
  • Jordan Glass (ward 5 York Centre, Public)
  • Hans Bathija (ward 10 Trinity – Spadina, Public)
  • Robert Wicik (ward 8 Scarborough, Catholic)
  • Sheila Cary-Meagher (ward 16 Beaches-East York, Public)
  • Ryan Nutter (ward 12 Scarborough, Catholic)
  • Louise Da Re (ward 5 North York, Catholic)

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