The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition prides itself on being the loudest voice speaking out against wasted money on City Council. It’s not hard to do when Council makes a point of spending $75,000 on designer chairs for councillors to sit in, $4.6 million to light up the Bloor Viaduct or $100,000 to study the possibility of employing people to helping downtown pedestrians cross the street.

City bureaucrats know that they’re under the microscope, and they claim to be spending the money for good causes. But if they’re so proud of their spending, why do organizations like Waterfront Toronto try so hard to hide the costs of designer rocks and umbrellas on Sugar Beach from taxpayers?

Well, the truth is that the money-wasters think spending within their means applies to “regular people” but not to government. Before he was elected as a Liberal MP, Adam Vaughan threw away taxpayer dollars like it was nobody’s business, and he made headlines for saying the members of our organization “aren’t real grassroots.” In effect, big spenders don’t think your concerns about how public money is spent are real. They envision a world where money is meaningless so that poverty can disappear, which is why they spend it so recklessly.

“By making out-of-control spending the norm, council’s left wing and their bureaucratic allies are trying to make the notions of budgets, deficits, and limited spending a thing of the past,” a coalition spokesperson said. “They regard the work of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition as an annoyance, an unnecessary constraint.”

“While we certainly are pleased to know that we make things difficult for them, we recognize that they want to change our culture for the worse. We’re not going to let that happen.”