2014 City Council Election: Ward 37 Scarborough Centre

The Incumbent:

Michael Thompson

The Race

In 2010, Michael Thompson swept to a landslide victory in Ward 37. He’s looking for another in 2014. Unfortunately, our Voting Guide does not include his ideas for improving the City. Tsk, tsk.

Candidates Who Did Not Participate: Luigi Lisciandro, Councillor Michael Thompson

The Breakdown


The full responses

  • 1. Do you support a property tax cap ensuring future hikes are no greater than the rate of inflation?

    Yes I am in support of property tax cap to ensure that it is not greater than the rate of inflation. It is very clear that middle class people are still struggling to pay it already as it is, future hikes is something very unfair for those who have to struggle with day-to-day jobs just to keep things from going out of their control.

    2. Where, specifically, do you advocate finding savings in the current city budget?

    The real estate services division of the city budget is where I basically advocate for savings. Real estate in this city is pretty much at an ever-moving and dynamic stage hence this is one of the services where savings can be made.

    3. Do you support reducing the size of Toronto City Council?

    I am not in support of reducing the size of the city council and it would not improve the functions of the council. As long as there is fair and just representation of the city’s population reducing or increasing the council should depend on the population ratio.

    4. Will you support contracting out garbage collection east of Yonge Street?

    I am in support of contracting out garbage collection east of Yonge Street. Privatization of garbage collection is acceptable as long as there is no hassle to the public due to extended delays. I do not see any other services that may be contracted to the public but if there is an ease for taxpayers in any way that does not affect the employment rate, privatization of certain services is more or less acceptable.

    5. What are your thoughts on the Municipal Land Transfer Tax – will you support reducing it or eliminating it?

    I support for the reduction of the Municipal Land Transfer Tax for the city could save money and reinvest it in areas such as municipality housing for those living below the average income.

    6. Toronto’s unemployment rate is much higher than the provincial rate. What are your ideas to create job growth in Toronto?

    The reason behind the unemployment rate of Toronto has to do with traffic congestion and transportation issues. Build more effective transportation systems that can relate commuters to the destinations around the GTA without any kind of difficulty fostering job growth in Toronto.

    7. It seems City Council has been debating public transit forever with little results to show. How would you fund new transit projects to ease congestion for everyone? Do you feel we need to change the current transit planning process?

    The only alternative that is possible to fund in order to ease congestion would be the construction and expansion of subway stations around Toronto. Instead of changing the transit planning process and wasting taxpayer’s money unnecessarily, altering the transit planning to make it more efficient along with the building of subway systems would prove to be a much effective solution.

    8. Labour negotiations will be a big part of the next council term. What advice do you have for the city’s negotiating team to get the best deal for taxpayers?

    The only advice that can be given to the negotiation team, when dealing with labor unions and other entities, is to not coerce them into a settlement and to make sure that times spent on negotiations not go to utter waste.

    9. Do you see opportunities for public-private partnerships (P3s) involving the City of Toronto? Where, specifically?

    There are a couple of opportunities for public-private partnerships aligning with the city of Toronto. Tourism and the restaurant are two possible fields where this kind of partnership can be formed.

    10. What is the top issue of concern for residents in your ward? What will you do as Councillor to address the issue?

    Badly damaged roadways and uneven surfaces, further eroded by winter is an issue of concern for the residents of my ward.  As a councillor I will ensure that instant reparation and mending of roadways that critically damage get done as soon as possible.