2014 TDSB Election: Ward 6 – York South-Weston

The Incumbent:

Chris Tonks

The Race

Only one candidate, Naime Mire, responded to this survey. Mire seems appropriately concerned with respect for taxpayers, private investment and less waste, but a bit more detail in survey responses would have been appreciated.

Candidates Who Did Not Participate:  Kevin Milburn, Randa Omran, Ken Robertson, Chris Tonks

The Breakdown


The full responses

  • 1. Evidence suggests the TDSB was warned in 2006 about spending problems. Previous Chair Chris Bolton chose to ignore these warnings until his resignation. Going forward, how would you address the issue of over-spending at the school board?

    You can’t ignore the the warnings, you have to react to the evidence. Also you have to be active and also be proactive and finally you can’t over spend.

    2. The TDSB has been faced with a difficult decision about potentially selling school properties. To avoid this, where would you find savings in future budgets? List your top five specific priorities for savings.

    1. You only need to spend it on important programs.
    2. We shouldn’t spend it on unnecessary programs.
    3. Your saving for money for unnecessary school facilities.
    4. We have to do a lot of cutbacks.
    5.We shouldn’t make people spend money ridiculously.

    3. There are candidates who have proposed advocating for a new tax dedicated specifically for education. Is this a proposal you support?

    No I don’t support this proposal because based on low income families.

    4. Failures in special education are considered by some to be the greatest failure in the public system. What is your plan for correcting this?

    We need a lot of resources/ funding and academical support

    5. The current board saw the TDSB deficit balloon to $109-million – it’s biggest ever. What is your plan to address this going forward?

    The province has to step in with federal government/ provincial government and also TDSB has to cut back on unnecessary programs.

    6. The TDSB recently estimated the cost of roof repairs to more than $2.5-million dollars. How would you ensure that necessary capital refurbishments are met within budget?

    Look for contracts who will exactly do the job efficiently and timely.

    7. Recently the Canadian Football League and Nissan stepped in to help school boards with the costs of organized sports. Do you support seeking more private investment at the TDSB?

    Yes I do because we need financial resources to support other organized sports, because we are bringing sports entertainment to the youth so that they can enjoy the sports.

    8. What do you think is the best approach for the TDSB to take in upcoming contract negotiations with teachers and staff?

    Because of economical crisis the deficit with in the federal government/ provincial government, because it is a very difficult time to raise salaries and wage for the TDSB staff.

    9. In short time, the agreement between the TDSB and Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council is up for re-negotiation. Do you feel there are changes needed in the current agreement?

    Yes because I am going to negotiate with maintenance and construction skilled, but I am going to remind them because we are in a very difficult time.

    10. TDSB has come under fire for ridiculous expenses – $150 to cut a key, $140 for a pencil sharpener, and a $200 toilet seat are just scratching the surface. How will you bring about a new culture that respects the budget and sees money spent wisely?​

    That is not acceptable because when people pay taxes that money goes to the government, for example that money that people are paying for the government shouldn’t go towards school sharpeners and pencils.